Winter Grain

Marriott, Level 1, Marriott Stage
In-Person Only

We are Winter Grain, a duo originally out of Salt Lake City but now in Manhattan Beach (Los Angeles) for the last five years. Until very recently we have been limited in our scope because Kate (lead singer) is an Army helicopter pilot. She just finished her last deployment and is retiring after 20 years. We've been very lucky to have times where we could record and even more lucky was that time we spent with Ryan Hadlock out of his studio in Seattle (Bearcreek Studio). He's helped shape the music of some of our favorite artists from Brandi Carlile to Allen Stone and even Foo Fighters. What Winter Grain does best is taking snapshots of our own life and harmonizing them -- quite literally. When Kate was little her mother left the family in the middle of the night. That feeling of loss and confusion became "Passenger Seat." On our honeymoon we spent the first day protesting outside of the Department of Justice in D.C to help bring awareness to a young man on death row. You can hear how we are committed to the marginalized via our song "Fists." We've played quite a few cool venues in LA including Hotel Cafe, Whisky A Go Go, and House of Blues. The festival route has been fun for us and we have been featured artists for the Wasatch Mountain Music Festival in Utah and POP Festival in Los Angeles. Curve Magazine highlighted our recording process for our last EP and we are proud of our queer reality. Though we have just barely gotten back into playing live music again we have been blessed to see some traction on our Youtube channel with "A Better You" and Spotify with "Passenger Seat." Our most recent bit of news is a guitar sponsorship by Enya Music and we were interviewed in our home for an upcoming documentary. Though we started as a very bluegrass-influenced project we have let the ocean air wash over us and meld our newer songs into a more pop arena. Winter Grain is more than a passion project: it's our entire life and we love being able to share it with others.