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<p>How much should I be spending on advertising?&nbsp; Advertising is an important expenditure for any retailer.&nbsp;Yet&nbsp;the field&nbsp;is always changing,&nbsp;which requires you to explore and consider new avenues of delivering your message to keep&nbsp;the image associated with your store&nbsp;fresh and to attract the best customers to your store.&nbsp;The good news is that with changing advertising media, some of these new ways to advertise actually require less manual labor and are extremely cost-effective.</p> <p>Taking advantage of these advertising mediums is one thing, but knowing how much to spend is sometimes difficult to determine.&nbsp;From display ads in the phone book to expensive product displayed in your storefront windows, advertising comes in all shapes, sizes&mdash;and costs.</p> <p>Watch this video to help determine an appropriate amount of money&nbsp;you should budget and spend for advertising.</p>