Best Website: Simon Ripley's Music & Art in Nashville, Tenn.

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<p>One of the many unique features at Simon Ripley's Music &amp; Art is the fact that they are a serious musical instrument store who is equally serious about offering fine artwork as part of what they do. This concept, which is brand new to stores in the US, is one whose time has come. They are proud to introduce it to Nashville and beyond and have consigned with some of the best visual artists in the Nashville area to present their music-related art in the gallery and throughout the store. It's music-related art, because, after all, they are a musical instrument store.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>A Winning Website</strong></p> <p>Simon Ripley's Music &amp; Art considers itself a serious full-line music store that's equally serious about the music-themed artwork it sells, created by local Nashville artists.&nbsp;They've worked hard to create a website that's informative, helpful and appealing, hoping to make Simon Ripley's a can't-miss stop for anyone living or visiting Music City USA.</p> <p>Watch the video to see more!</p>