Rookie of the Year: Fat Tone Guitars in Chicago, Ill.

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<p>Fat Tone Guitars is a Chicago area shop specializing in guitar effect pedals, electric guitars and amplifiers. Fat Tone has one of the broadest selections of guitar effects and can provide effect pedal and pedalboard consulting and guidance. In addition, Fat Tone carries a great lineup of electric guitars and amps.</p> <p>The store is located in an out-of-the way location in a cool loft space within the warehouse district. They don't attract a lot of walk-in traffic but have a conversion rate of about 75 percent. Fat Tone Guitars takes pride in its overall store appearance and appeal. Their guitars are displayed in a creative and attractive manner and customers can access them easily. Guitar effect pedals are prominently displayed in custom glass cases. &nbsp;</p> <p>The Fat Tone website is designed to allow easy, intuitive product selection and easy, secure purchasing. Website sales have grown to over 50 percent of our overall revenue and our web traffic has continually grown at a 30 percent per year clip.</p> <p>Watch the video to see more!</p>