Hook Them With Your Home Page!

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<div> <p>Your store&rsquo;s home page is the first thing online visitors see about your business&mdash;make it count! &nbsp;To create the biggest impact, start by looking at your business &lsquo;personality&rsquo; and what you want your visitors to think of when they first see your website. &nbsp;&nbsp;Make an unforgettable first impression that entices consumers to explore your site&mdash;and keep them returning.&nbsp;Watch as Kate Blom discusses the do&rsquo;s and don&rsquo;ts, like skipping the jargon and keeping your contact information up to date. &nbsp;Kate also touches on the power of testimonials and how to be selective about content and design, tell your story, keep the site simple and make the branding authentic&mdash;all leaving a positive impression with everyone visiting your site.</p> </div>