NAMM's Holiday PR Outreach Includes TV and Radio Media Tour, Time Square Billboard, and Print Editorial

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<p>NAMM has hit the ground running this holiday season with a public relations campaign to encourage consumers to purchase musical instruments as gifts and provide their friends and loved ones with a present that comes with an actual &quot;experience.&quot;</p> <p>To get the word out about giving a gift that people can enjoy over their lifetimes, NAMM and its PR&nbsp;firm Golin Harris enlisted the help of a satellite media tour company and arranged for a professional designated spokesperson to be featured on hundreds of local and national television and radio shows talking about the joys of giving and starting to play an instrument this holiday season. Special thanks to NAMM Members Yamaha, Kala Musical Instruments and Hohner who all graciously donated products for the pro-music effort. All segments have a call to action for people to visit their local community music store for advice on purchasing and playing an instrument.&nbsp;</p> <p>Nationally syndicated talk show &quot;The Daily Buzz&quot; picked up coverage of NAMM&#39;s satellite media tour featuring the benefits of giving musical instruments as gifts and the associated positive &quot;experience&quot; that comes with giving them. Click on the icon to view the clip. (musical instrument part starts at 2:07)</p> <p>Also attached to this article is a radio clip featuring a promotional segment on national USA Radio Manoush.&nbsp;</p> <p>In addition,&nbsp;NAMM sponsored a billboard in Time Square stating: &quot;Give a musical instrument this holiday and enjoy quality time all year!&quot; See attached photo.&nbsp;</p> <p>The final outreach effort is a feature release, which was distributed verbatim through the North American Precis Syndicate (NAPS) to over 10,000 newspapers. A radio spot with the same messaging will also be distributed to 6,500 U.S. radio stations. The release includes survey results conducted by Toluna Global Omnibus for NAMM that found 58 percent of consumers regretted not learning to play an instrument and 34 percent of consumers preferred to give loved ones gifts that offer an experience. The release points to, which prominentlly lists the Dealer Locator tool for people to locate their the closest NAMM Member music store and the Lesson Locator tool. View the feature release here:&nbsp;<a href=""></a>.</p>