Host 'The 12 Days of Christmas'

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<p>Summer NAMM 2013 kicked off with the NAMM Retail Summit. In this segment, retail sales and promotions guru Bob Negen shares one of his all-time favorite holiday promotions, The 12 Days of Christmas, with NAMM President and CEO Joe Lamond. This promotion can be an effective way to get people into a store and clear out slow-moving merchandise before the new year.<br /> <br /> <span>&quot;As everybody here knows, those last 12 days leading up to Christmas are really important,&quot; Negen said. &quot;It&#39;s when people are spending money.</span><br /> <br /> <span>&quot;Every day for 12 days leading up to Christmas, you send one email. And in that email, you have one item that&#39;s on sale. So this item is essentially a traffic-driver.</span><br /> <br /> <span>&quot;What we&#39;ve found: Our clients who do video, who make it fun, who make it interesting, who make it silly have a much better response because people are inundated with emails that time of year.</span><br /> <br /> <span>&quot;So one item every day, but you don&#39;t reveal it. You never reveal it. And the reason you don&#39;t reveal it is because you want people to open it every day.</span><br /> <br /> <span>&quot;Again, 12 days, 12 opportunities to drive people into your store. Another reason not to reveal is because you never know. People who plan this promotion out don&#39;t get it right.<br /> <br /> ​</span><span>&quot;Coming up into, say, the last five days of Christmas, at the end of the day you should walk around your store and say, &#39;I&#39;m overstocked here, I&#39;m overstocked there, I&#39;m overstocked there.&#39; And so on the fourth day of Christmas, it is overstock item No. 3. So it really is an opportunity for you to clear out those slow-movers.&quot;</span></p>