Growth Through New Promotions (2014 Summer NAMM)

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<p>Brian Reardon of Monster Music had his best sales month ever in March&mdash;better than even his best holiday months. During the NAMM Retail Summit&nbsp;at 2014 Summer NAMM, he explained&nbsp;his method to Joe Lamond, NAMM&#39;s president and CEO. Reardon used a radio promotion that targeted his core guitar customers, resulting in a sales-generating message that carried over through the summer.<br /> <br /> &quot;I started hearing over and over again&mdash;repeatedly&mdash;older male customers who were so dissatisfied trying to buy guitars from&nbsp;the big-box stores,&quot; Reardon said.<br /> <br /> &quot;[Our radio promotion]&nbsp;was a personal message. I wrote this. I recorded this. It was in my own voice. I spoke directly to this consumer. And the point was, &#39;You are welcome here.&#39;<br /> <br /> &quot;The things that resonated in the spot were things like, &#39;Sometimes, guys just wanna come in and talk about guitars.&#39;<br /> <br /> &quot;And I had guys day after day coming&nbsp;in and saying , &#39;I&#39;m that guy!&nbsp;I wanna talk about guitars.&#39; And they&#39;ll talk about guitars for a long time. But they usually buy something at the end of the day.&quot;<br /> <br /> The promotion cost Reardon $500 per week and got him 25 radio spots. The result? His March sales were up 50 percent, and his guitar sales doubled.</p>