Ariana Grande, Foo Fighters and Marshmello Performed in the Metaverse: Is Your Band Next? How to Navigate Virtual Venues

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In this session, a panel of live event experts will discuss production considerations and opportunities as the music industry continues to bring more performances into the metaverse and onto gaming platforms, like Arianna Grande’s Fortnite concert. From producing in-game concerts to handling creative and production needs unique to metaverse performances, these presenters have unique insight into the production of these performances. They will share their knowledge about navigating digital performance environments—and discuss the considerations unique to them. Musicians, creatives, designers and production teams will all discover how to reach for the next level of performance in the virtual venue landscape. NOTE: This is the first part of a two-part session. It will be immediately followed by “From Fortnite to Roblox to Coachella: How to Navigate the Merge of Virtual, Live and Metaverse Venues.” We suggest attending both sessions, but all are welcome attend just one.