Let Visual Design Take You From Not Just a Band but to a Brand as You Grow from Clubs to Stadiums

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John Featherstone and Chris Medvitz of lighting and visual design practice Lightswitch will lead a robust exploration of how band’s can use thoughtful and creative design to move your visual connection with your audience from simple beginnings to the biggest of venues. Even working in clubs or small venues, lighting and production design can be an incredibly effective way to differentiate your performance, but money needs to be spent wisely. As your band grows, this session will look at how do you keep true to vision, and maximize your impact. Using real world examples and concrete tools YOU can use wherever your next gig is. NOTE: This is the first part of a two-part session. It will be immediately followed by How to Realize the Visual Design of a Growing Band’s Brand. We suggest attending both sessions, but all are welcome to attend just one.