New Product Release - Cling On Pickup

Elite Guitar

Cling On Pickup – guitar pickup with magnetic attachment


Product Features:


  • QUICK and EASY magnetic attachment. It's all thanks to our patented magnetic design that allows the pickup to attach and detach in a snap. No cumbersome installations or adhesive stickers necessary.

  • NO INSTRUMENT MODIFICATION REQUIRED - With the Cling On Pickup there is no need to drill or modify your instrument in any way. There are no permanently glued, bolted-on or screwed-on parts.  The Cling On Pickup is ready right out of the box.


  • DISCREET attachment of magnetic base - The Cling On Pickup comes with a very small and very light magnetic base that is attached underneath the soundboard on the inside of the guitar. This ONE-TIME non-permanent discreet installation prepares the instrument for the pickup. It's removable, reusable and can be easily re-positioned.


  • NATURAL & BALANCED SOUND - The magnets have a dual purpose. Not only do they make attachment super easy, but they also create constant pressure on the soundboard, resulting in a more sensitive, balanced and accurate sensing of the vibrations. Other guitar pickup systems on the market use foam adhesive stickers that are a barrier between the instrument and the pickup, which results in a muffled and flat sound.