How to Compete With the Internet Giants

Does Internet competition keep you awake at night? At the 2014 NAMM Show, Music Trades magazine columnist Bob Popyk moderated this panel discussion with music retail experts Bryan McCann of Instrumental Music, Ryan West of West Music and CJ Averwater of Amro Music. They presented proven ideas to get customers into your store, hold your profits and stay in business when online merchants get in the way of a sale.

Ten Ways to Win This Holiday Season

During the holidays, you'll come face to face with more new customers than usual, giving you a chance to earn their current and future business. Sales guru Kenny Smith offers 10 selling pointers to help you brush up your skills and make the most of every customer interaction. "Many times, when people describe what they want to accomplish with a product, we have something even better to offer them," Smith says. Follow his lead for a plentiful holiday season!

Ten Easy Ways to Know If You're a Sales Professional

There are salespeople and then there are business development specialists. Some salespeople think they're successful because they have a title, a customer list and a few big-ticket sales behind them. Business development specialists, on the other hand, don't need a title, a territory or special pricing programs. So which one are you? Here are 10 ways to know if you're a business development specialist.

Tips for Music Professionals 40 & Under Series: Sales & Marketing

Key sales and marketing strategies from "40 Tips for Music Professionals 40 and Under"—a NAMM U session presented at The NAMM Show 2013. The session was hosted by Cris Behrens (pictured), CJ Averwater and Ryan West of NAMM YP (Young Professionals). Use this as a checklist, and share it with your employees.

Three Steps to Selling More Guitars During the Holidays

After watching her guitar pack sales drop, Lauren Haas Amanfoh of Royalton Music Center decided to change her sales strategy during the holidays. She devised a three-step approach to bump customers up to a higher price point. The result? A 300-percent rise in acoustic guitar sales and a doubling of her electric guitar sales volume. Find out how she did it.

Get Unstuck: Boost Your Sales

Business growth requires different actions as the market changes. Small-business guru Barry Moltz identifies ways that businesses get stuck, causing their growth to stagnate. By making changes to these ineffective patterns, your business can start to flourish again. Watch Moltz's session, and learn how to boost revenue and avoid the traps that keep businesses struggling for years. Watch the video.

15 Ideas to Train Your Sales Staff in 10 Minutes a Day

Bob Popyk shows how to take just a few minutes each day to train your sales staff on prospecting, closing, handling incoming calls, greeting the customer, handling complaints, dealing with the Internet shopper, creating add-on sales, developing customer rapport and preventing anyone from walking away without buying. Sound difficult? It’s not.

Participative Selling for Music Retailers

George Hines, owner of George's Music Stores, Inc., provides valuable tips and insights through these sales training materials, videos and course.  Website:  The course is structured to allow you to start and stop as needed, and to easily get back to the area of interest.

Participative Selling for Music Retailers, Part 3: Establishing Purpose and Qualifying Needs (NS09 Live Session)

It's easy to make assumptions about customers.  Sometimes we fail to address the real reason why a customer visits our store.  Establishing the customer’s purpose is an integral step in the “Participative Sales Process.”  Likewise, qualifying the customer’s needs is one of the most valuable skills for a salesperson to understand and practice.  When you are able to properly qualify your customer

Seeking Referrals and Word of Mouth (Live Session)

People will buy from the people who meet their expectations. Don’t measure the value of your customer by the one purchase they make today. Happy customers will return to make many purchases over their lifetime. And they will promote your store to their friends and family. You cannot buy word-of-mouth advertising.