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Learn | Engage | Advocate for Music Education

Thank you for to those who joined us LIVE at the NAMM Advocacy Summit on May 25, 2021.  On-demand sessions are available through July 23, 2021; registration is required to access.

The summit includes advocacy briefing and training, to continue our work as music education champions. The next generation of music makers is counting on us! NAMM members, music educators and administrators, college music faculty and students, music and cultural organization staff, parents, teachers, and community members are invited to register.

Session Details

  • Making the Most of a Best Communities for Music Education Recognition

    Presenters: Ainsley Fiedler Rentfrow, Dr. Lance Nielsen, Mark Despotakis, Tom Scavone

    Hear from music education and school leadership on how the Best Communities for Music Education program advances support for music education.

  • The Cost of High-Quality Music Education

    Presenters: Mary Luehrsen, Mark Fermanich

    Explore the outcomes of a 10-district research study about the cost of music education programs and how this data can support the case for sustaining and expanding music learning opportunities.

  • Arts and Chronic Absenteeism: A Four-Year Study of NYC Public Schools

    Presenters: Mary Luehrsen, Dr. Susanne Harnett

    Do opportunities for arts education in schools reduce chronic absenteeism? This session explores the results of a three-year "arts education and absenteeism" study in NYC, the nation's largest public school system.

  • Consideration for In-person Music Education and Performing Arts Activities

    Presenters: Mary Luehrsen, James Weaver, Lynn Tuttle

    Review the science behind recommendations for mitigation strategies for music and art classrooms, including what is happening with aerosol distribution when people sing, play an instrument, perform in a theater, debate, or read poetry aloud? And, what tactics or practices can mitigate aerosol distribution so music and performing arts learning opportunities can continue along with the vital benefits for all students?

  • Safer Schools and Campuses: Best Practices

    Presenters: Mary Luehrsen, James Weaver, Lynn Tuttle

    Learn how to submit information to the U.S. Department of Education Clearinghouse outlining your best practices for music and arts learning and student engagement, including mitigation strategies used. Follow the step-by-step guidance to add your safer in-person music and performing arts programs to the U.S. Department of Education Clearinghouse, which will be available to all educators. Template and submission guidelines provided.

  • Amplify Your Advocacy

    Presenters: Chalise Zolezzi, Director of Public Relations, NAMM

    Gain information and resources in sharing news of your advocacy efforts with your social network; review social media assets and suggested posts and ways to use PR to ramp up your advocacy at home.

  • Welcome Session and Call to Action

    Chris Martin, NAMM Chair and Joe Lamond, President and CEO welcome all to the Advocacy Summit with a call to action for our ongoing work as champions for music and arts education in these and all times.

  • Leading Change: Leadership in Times of Change

    Presenters: Mary Luehrsen, Arne Duncan, Managing Partner at Emerson Collective, former U.S. Secretary of Education

    A conversation about the leadership attributes and skills needed in schools, businesses and communities to guide and create equity and access to music and arts education.

  • Education Forecasts: Changing Demographics and Opportunities for Music Learning

    Presenters: Chris Duncombe, Claus Von Zastrow

    Education data experts from the Education Commission on the States outline school enrollment demographics and forecasts, what it tells us about student populations and what they are learning, and how this information can inform music education opportunities.

  • The 2021 “Ask” and Contacting Your Elected Officials

    Explore the “how-to’s” for contacting Members of Congress and/or Governor. This session provides an overview of the 2021 "Ask," how to celebrate the Best Communities for Music Education designation, and suggestions for sharing best practices for mitigating risk for in-person music and performing arts activities as well as how to join the Arts ARE Education campaign.

  • Advocacy: Give Me Five!

    Presenters: Bill Pelto, Chiho Feindler, Eric Whitacre, Habib Bako, J. Dash, Michael Yaffe, Scott Lang, Stephen Parker, Tayloe Harding

    A fast-paced round-up of big thinkers and creative leaders sharing their perspectives in five-minute segments about what we need to do as advocates to assure music education opportunities for all students.

  • Contacting Elected Officials: Workshop

    An interactive review of the 2021 "Ask" with an exploration of the process for connecting with elected officials from the first contact through nurturing and maintaining connections.

  • Final Thoughts & Wrap Up

    All questions and final thoughts welcome as we wrap up an inspirational day of advocacy training.

Important Documents

Code of Conduct

Learn how to use GovPredict to contact your Congressional representatives about the importance of music education.
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