NAMM Advocacy Summit

May 25, 2021

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Learn | Engage | Advocate for Music Education

Attend the NAMM Advocacy Summit: Advancing Music Education for All. Free registration opens April 15.

NAMM members, music educators and administrators, college music faculty and students, music and cultural organization staff, parents, teachers, and community members are invited to gather online on May 25, 2021, 1–4 pm ET/ 10 am–1 pm PT, for advocacy briefing and training to continue our work as music education champions. The next generation of music makers is counting on us!   

Hosted by: Chris Martin, President and CEO, Martin Guitars, and NAMM Chair; Joe Lamond, President and CEO, NAMM; and Mary Luehrsen, Director of Public Affairs and Government Relations, NAMM.

Revisit this page for updates or contact Claire Kreger-Boaz with any questions. 

Guest speakers will be announced soon.

Topics include:

  • Leading change and leadership in changing times
  • Education demographics: what and where students are learning and what is next
  • Research updates: music and arts education and school attendance
  • Money for music and the true costs of music education
  • Supporting Best Communities for Music Education and outreach to regional Congressional offices
  • “The Ask,” preparing for targeted Congressional outreach
  • Requests for virtual meetings with Members of Congress and staff.
  • PLUS: networking and connecting via the Swapcard platform.

Summit 2020 Sessions, Speakers and Artists

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