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Future-Focused Ideas Fuel a Series of Opportunities, Career- and Business-Enriching Strategies, and Professional Development at The 2019 NAMM Show

As the global crossroads of music, pro audio and event technology industries, The 2019 NAMM Show has announced a suite of professional development opportunities, transformative business know-how and hands-on training available for working and emerging professionals involved in all aspects of the industry. Professionals will have the opportunity to connect with top thought leaders and experience sessions designed to engage, inform and inspire, as well as further their careers against the backdrop of the industry’s global gathering.

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Dave Morrison

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Dave Morrison is a big fan of Jimi Hendrix and was able to see the legendary guitarist in Toronto in the late 1960s. Dave’s passion for music was equaled only by his love of audio. When he found an opportunity to blend both, Dave not only found his dream job, but he established a company that provides products for those with the same passions. After being involved in the design and construction of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s centre, which included approximately eight television studios and 25 radio, music, and drama studios, and one performance studio, Dave established his own company, IsoAcoustics. Dave designed the isolators for a multitude of products including studio monitors, guitar and bass amps, and subwoofers as well as and a full series of speaker stand products and PUCK’s for stainless steel isolators. The ISO-L8R and ISO-PUCK series prevent the transfer of cabinet energy to surrounding surfaces. The ISO-L*R Series, ISO-PUCK, and Modular Aluminum System (MOD-AL) all can be configured for larger application and each of these product lines have been nominated for TEC Awards. With the success of the early products, Dave and his two sons have continued to design products to address their customers' needs.

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