Member Programs

One of NAMM's many goals is to provide Retail Members with marketing tools and opportunities to help increase store traffic, broaden and strengthen demographics of their customer base, and encourage community involvement through direct-to-consumer marketing. The programs listed below are available in most markets, and they are designed to help drive brand new potential customers into your store.

Recreational Music Making (RMM)

Recreational Music Making (RMM) brings people of all ages and abilities together to make and learn music. RMM is not limited to one specific instrument or style, but brings people together through the joyous act of making music for social benefits and well being. During 2011, NAMM is hosting a series of webinars about various topics in Recreational Music Making that will provide NAMM Members with ideas and concepts to reach and serve new costumers with RMM.

Make Music Day is an annual celebration that occurs each June 21, when people in more than 700 cities around the world make music together on the summer solstice.

Each spring, NAMM members gather in Washington, D.C. to “stand up for music education” and to serve as advocates for the right of every child to learn and grow with music.

The Best Communities for Music Education (BCME) program is a signature program of The NAMM Foundation that recognizes and celebrates schools and districts for their support and commitment to music education.