Arts ARE Education National Advocacy Campaign

Arts ARE Education is a new national campaign designed to support the ongoing value of music and the arts for PreK-12 students in the post-pandemic era.

As states face budget shortfalls due to the recession created by the COVID-19 pandemic, lawmakers must be reminded of the importance of fully funding public education to support all students and their right to a well-rounded education including music and the arts. Having states commit adequate funding for public education will be the first step toward maintaining, rebuilding and growing arts programs to reach more students in the 2021-2022 school year and beyond. 


Sign the Pledge
Contact Your State Legislator

The general public, NAMM members and their school/parent networks are encouraged to reach out to state legislators using the templated letter tool below to urge that they fully fund public education for next school year.

To learn about ways to connect with and support music and arts education in your own school district, please visit the Arts ARE Education campaign website for school board resolution, advocate pledge, tools and more.

Arts Are Education website
Arts Are Education Toolkit