How Do You Really Attract and Retain Key Employees?

Speakers: Mitch Haber , Paul Neuner
In-Person Only

If you’re trying to attract and keep great talent, you’re not alone. Join this panel discussion with esteemed HR and retirement professionals, organized by Voya, and find out how to create a robust benefits program to attract and retain employees. Research shows that employee benefits have a substantial impact on attraction, retention and performance. For example, the use of vesting schedules for retirement and stock ownership plans have been shown to be related to higher rates of employee retention. Other considerations the panel will discuss are nontraditional and tangible benefits, such as lifestyle spending accounts, scholarship programs for higher education degrees, employee-in-crisis programs, work family benefit such as flexible work options, paid leave time allowances, wellness programs and dependent care service. Get insights and tips to create a company culture that says, “You matter to us. We’re invested in your future!”