How to Make (and Keep) Money as a Musician

Speakers: Ron Bienstock , Alan Friedman
In-Person & Livestream

Most musicians know how to buy the best gear, rehearse a 50-song setlist and deliver a performance of pure musical bliss to an adoring audience. But after that, it’s all a black hole of negative cash flow, unexpected tax liabilities, questions about how to release new material, doing all the copyright matters work, picking a business manager, filing tax returns and keeping the band from driving off a proverbial cliff — and still having to pay a toll. If this sounds painfully familiar, you’ve come to the right place. Join entertainment attorney Ron Bienstock and music industry accountant Alan Friedman to discover how to make (and keep) the money you generate from the four income streams available to all musicians. A must-see presentation for all recording artists, working bands and musicians — songwriters, producers and anyone who would aspire to be any of these folks.