Intellectual Property, An Ongoing Conversation: Updates on the Critical Issues, Technologies and Developments Impacting Artistic Originality and Art

Speakers: Jessica Fajfar , Benn Jordan
In-Person & Livestream

Join this group to discuss the latest current events, technological impacts and markets forces as well as other crucial aspects of Intellectual Property (IP) protection strategies employed by artists, creators, and content owners to safeguard their artistic originality, intellectual property rights, and data sets in an ever-evolving digital landscape spanning various artistic mediums of music, film, gaming, podcasting/storytelling, and social media entertainment.

Driven by newly gathered A3E industry data from content creators’ perspectives, they'll explore the roles and impact of government, industry and AI-driven Content Generation (AICG). Additionally, they will investigate the use of blockchain technology: where and when can artists rely on this application for IP protection? Furthermore, they'll examine whether creative-tools manufacturers and technology providers are doing enough to support the protection of artistic content.