New Advances in Artistic Ideation and Creation — and the Tools to Make Them Happen

Speakers: Curt Cameruci , Declan McGlynn
In-Person & Livestream

Every day, we witness the emergence of new ideation and content-creation technologies, including AI-powered tools that are revolutionizing the creative process. These tools empower artists and professionals to compose music, craft scripts, design game assets and captivate audiences across a wide range of creative mediums, such as music, film, gaming, podcasting/storytelling and social media entertainment, in ways previously unimagined.

Join this A3E session as we delve into how artists, spanning various content mediums, are leveraging an expanding array of instruments, software and platforms to push the boundaries of creativity and distinguish themselves in an increasingly competitive world of entertainment — all aimed at astonishing fans and consumers. Be part of the discussion, utilizing newly gathered A3E peer data to explore what new technologies will have the greatest impact, and pinpoint specific areas where these technologies can be further refined. Panelists will also take a deep dive into content creators' perspectives on the growing influence of AI-Driven Content Generation (AICG) and the ramifications at every stage of content creation. They will explore metrics, such as the time spent using AICG on individual projects and the overall percentage of AICG in all creative works.