Artists' and Content Creators' Impact & Social Responsibilities in a World of AI and Information

Speakers: Mika (Born Dirty) Abadie , Antonio Teoli , Lily Moayeri , Paul Sitar
In-Person & Livestream

In a rapidly evolving world shaped by artificial intelligence and art, content and information proliferation, artists and content creators wield significant influence over fans and societal narratives. This session delves into the profound impact and social responsibilities that accompany their creative endeavors. Join us to explore the ethical dimensions of content creation in the age of AI, examining how artists navigate the delicate balance between innovation, creativity and responsibility. From addressing potential biases in algorithms, the implications of synthetic data and the danger of deep fakes, this discussion aims to inspire a thoughtful reflection on the role of artists and content creators in shaping a more conscious impact on entertainment and society.

We’ll explore insights into the transformative potential of technology, art and content creation, and discover strategies to harness these forces for positive societal change. Whether you're an artist, content creator or simply curious about the intersection of creativity and responsibility, this session invites you to engage in a dynamic conversation about the evolving landscape of expression, technology and influence in the digital era.