Big Fat Meanies

In-Person & Livestream

Voted “Best Rock Band” in Central Pennsylvania, Big Fat Meanies offers a high-octane dose of horn-driven progressive rock with each impressive performance. The independent eight-piece ensemble hailing from Lancaster, Pennsylvania wields an on-stage energy that can only be matched by their catalog of exhilarating songwriting. Drawing inspiration from genres of all nature – including pop, punk, funk, metal, ska, and even musical theatre - Big Fat Meanies’ signature episodic songwriting archetype blends the varied musical backgrounds of each member in perfect harmony.

With each performance Big Fat Meanies presents powerful vocal lines, shredding guitar solos, and cinematic horn parts that emphasize refrains with glamorous ferocity. Their collective attention to detail shines through lyrical storytelling, captivating rhythmic structures, and sophisticated instrumental lines. The band uses every tool in their artistic arsenal to inspire feelings of both passion and catharsis. Big Fat Meanies’ live performances and studio recordings offer energetic talent and a wide array of inspiration that is sure to connect with each listener in a unique way. The band has been described as “off the wall”, “refreshingly different”, and “a gut punch of danceable high energy.” No matter your musical background, Big Fat Meanies is sure to move you and to make you move. Their latest EP Bad Hand is available to stream on all platforms.