The Capital Summit

Speakers: Jim D'Addario
In-Person Only

Join us for the second annual Capital Summit at The NAMM Show. Moderated by Gary Rabishaw of Intrepid Investment Bankers, this special session will address the issues and opportunities that manufacturers, distributors and retailers encounter as they seek growth financing or consider pursuing mergers or acquisitions — either as a buyer or seller. Attendees will hear from an expert panel of prominent NAMM members, executives and industry investors. They’ll explore such topics as:

·      Lessons learned in owning, buying and selling companies in the MI industry
·      Insights on recent M&A transactions in the industry
·      How to position your business to make acquisitions, raise capital or achieve a liquidity event
·      How companies are being valued in the current market
·      Expert views on challenges and opportunities investing in the MI industry

No registration is required for this event. It’s open to anyone interested to hear more about investment trends, themes and M&A learnings in the music industry.