In-Person Only

Chaia is a New York-based songwriter. She writes and produces her own music, making it come to life through her SP-404 sampler and lyrics inspired by Jewish mysticism. By combining jazz with Yiddish archival samples and house grooves, Chaia paints a portrait of Jewish diasporic identity, one that feels very much like home.

Chaia was raised in the klezmer tradition, mentored by Jewish music pioneers Basya Schechter and Hankus Netsky. In 2022, she founded "kleztronica," a genre of Jewish electronic dance music, the first of its kind. Her music has since been heard at major Jewish music festivals including Shtetl Berlin, KlezKanada, Yiddish New York, Boston's Festival of New Jewish Music, and KlezCummington. She's also performed at music festivals such as NICE, a Fest and Nowadays Nonstop. She’s currently working on her debut album, entitled Diaspora Songs, which will be released in Spring of 2024.