Chibson USA & Paoletti Guitars "The Chib Challenge"

Brand Event

Chibson USA is a world renown music brand known for their daring and innovative musical inventions. Since 2017, Chibson USA has challenged the imagination of fans, musicians and musical brands alike by sharing nearly 2000 different designs with the music world. Since Chibson’s debut, the brand has continued to grow as their creations have been shared by countless famous musicians such as Metallica, Slash, Steve Via and many more. 

In 2022, Paoletti Guitars and Chibson USA joined forces for a series titled “The Chib Challenge” where guitar brands take on the task of bringing a popular Chibson design to life by turning the original design into a fully functional instrument. Jason USA (Chibson’s Founder and CEO) along with Marky from Gear Dogs (Chibson’s certified gear reviewer) will be present at 2024 NAMM to help showcase the Paoletti Guitars and Chibson collaboration by demoing 3 custom instruments: The Table Leaf Guitar and the Puzzle Piece Guitars (2 interlocking guitars).