Chris Lord-Alge on Commanding Your Career: Wisdom From Five-Time Grammy Award-Winning Mix Engineer on Succeeding as a Producer/Engineer

In-Person & Livestream

In the dynamic and competitive world of music production and engineering, the ability to command your career is essential for success. In this session, Chris Lord-Alge, renowned producer and mix engineer with an illustrious career (Bruce Springsteen, Green Day, Muse, Pink, Dolly Parton), will share invaluable words of wisdom on navigating the industry and building a thriving career. This session is a comprehensive guide on how to command your career based on his insights.

Topics will include:
• Getting clients and networking: building a strong network within the industry.
• Communication/professionalism with clients.
• Creating your rules/define boundaries.
• Collecting money: How to establish systems and guidelines that are clear.
• Scheduling: Including time management and setting realistic timelines for projects.
• Artist relations: Dealing with the artist, including understanding their vision and creative.
• Manager relations: How to deal with the manager.
• Social media: Strategic presence, community engagement.
• Transfer of mixes: When, where, to whom and how.