Cosmo Alleycats

In-Person Only

If you pass a San Francisco bar on a Friday night with a great long line of expectant patrons out front, chances are they’re all waiting to be propelled into the sonic time warp of a Cosmo Alleycats performance inside. 
Cosmo Alleycats have been a favorite of the San Francisco music scene since the band’s 2010 beginning, bringing to the stage a potent mix of swing and vintage dance music with a dynamic, soulful delivery. Led by vocalist Emily Day (“one of the major singers in her field” – Scott Yanow), Cosmo Alleycats draws from several decades of exhilarating American music, along with inspired originals, to deliver a fun and engaging performance. 
With thirteen years’ experience performing together, Cosmo Alleycats is a well-oiled machine. But however polished their performance may be, it’s the sense of playfulness in their improvisation that holds the door open for the unexpected. This dynamic is evident in their 2022 album, Old Sweet Songs, a collection of Tin Pan Alley and American Songbook favorites accompanied by their original compositions, inspired by bygone styles of songwriting. 
“Old Sweet Songs, a perfect introduction to Emily Day and the Cosmo Alleycats for those who have somehow missed their music, and a delight for their longtime fans, is a well-rounded set that will be enjoyed by both listeners and dancers” – Syncopated Times.