Damjan Pejcinoski

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Damjan Pejcinoski (born October 25, 1984 in Ohrid) is a Macedonian guitarist, who plays electric and acoustic guitar, specialized in many music styles including Gypsy Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Blues, Rock, Country, Traditional and many more. Pejčinoski began playing guitar at the age of 6, but showed real interest at the age of 14. After graduating from elementary school and high school in his hometown Ohrid, where he still lives today, he enrolled the National Music Academy "Prof. Pantscho Vladigerov " in Sofia (2003) and NBU University on a study program, accepted with a full scholarship in the field of jazz where he graduated with a master's degree. In the course of his musical career Pejčinoski has numerous national and international performances and awards:
In June 2009 he was a finalist of the World Guitar Competition "Guitar Idol" held in London UK
In 2010 he won 2 international guitar competitions - "Shred This Too" (online competition) and Ziua Chitarelor in Romania (live performance)
In May 2010, he represented his country as part of the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo as a participant on the stage.
April 2013 soloist of The Presidential Orchestra of Belarus in Minsk, Belarus
He started teaching at numerous music schools, including the Faculty of Music in Skopje where he was Head of the Guitar Department as an associate professor.
In July 2017 he performed 4 concerts in China with his Gypsy Jazz trio, where he was honored by the Mayor of the city of Landzhou and received “Excellence in Performance" award.
Damjan's concerts, tours and masterclasses include Australia, China, USA, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Kosovo, Macedonia and many more.
He has performed and shared the stage with many big names such as: Jeniffer Batten (guitar player from Michael Jackson's band), Stu Hamm (Joe Satriani), Michael Lee Firkins, Andreas Oberg and many more.
Currently he performs with a fusion jazz quartet formation.
Damjan is included in the list of 200 greatest rock guitar players in rock history by expertscolumn.com
He is endorsed by “Strandberg Guitars”, "Reunion Blues" company, "GUZZ" picks, "ARTEC" guitar effects, "Ilianni" guitars.

To describe his work more precisely this is what guitar legends had to say about Damjan:
"Damjan is quite possibly the best new guitar talent I have ever seen and heard. He has absolutely amazing technique and plays with confidence and maturity. He is definitely one of the new, young emerging guitar stars. " (Michael Batio)
"Damjan really blew us away. He's got a natural ability on the guitar and has alreadydeveloped a great technique. I look forward to hearing him develop his musicality in the years to come.
“He has a great future.” (Andy Timmons)
“[Damjan] was really amazing and his performance was technically flawless, I really enjoyed the fact that he already possesses a great sense of musical maturity...” (Greg Howe on Damjan's performance in ZC Romania).
“His lines were really interesting and he was paying attention to the melody’s, vibrato’s and the overall message he was trying to get across... A player with a lot of potential.” (Richard Hallebek).
For more info visit:
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/damjanpejcinoski/ YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/damjanpejcinoski