Dan Sindel Meet and Greet / EP signing

Brand Event

Dan Sindel has taught and performed professionally for over 30 years and has earned features in both Guitar Player and Electronic Musician magazines. Dan’s unique concept; “Symphonic Guitars” has garnered international acclaim for his creative method of multi-tracking classical arrangements using electric and acoustic guitars, creating a symphonic “wall of sound”. Dan has earned endorsements from some of the biggest names in musical manufactures and is also a member of ASCAP.

As a veteran of the legendary 80’s LA Heavy Metal scene; Dan has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the rock and metal world (e.g. ACCEPT, SAXON, KING DIAMOND, WENDY O. WILLIAMS, RACER X, ARMORED SAINT, FLOTSAM & JETSAM, HELMET, GRIM REAPER, METAL CHURCH etc…)

As a musical educator, Dan clearly acknowledges that he “has a heart” for giving back and wants to help foster and enrich the talents of many an aspiring musician. On top of all that he is now focusing on animation production furthering his ability to incorporate his music alongside his artwork.

Dan's just released EP is entitled Unpopular Music For Popular People Volume One. We'll have free copies for Dan to sign at the booth!