Dante Certification Level 3, Second Edition with DDM Demo – Live Prep Session (SESSION FULL)

In-Person Only

Pre-registration for this session is full.

Prerequisite – Dante Certification Level 2, Second Edition

Requirements: Hands-on portion requires a PC or Apple computer with a USB C port or bring your own dongle with network capabilities (No Chromebooks or Tablets)

After completing Dante Certification Level 3 (2nd Edition), students will understand the fundamentals of Layer 3 enterprise networks and how Dante Domain Manager helps span massive network topologies for discovery, synchronization and media transport. Since this class covers the individual streams Dante uses, students will also be prepared to engage with converged networks where IT policies block all traffic by default.

Before attending this class, students should have passed Dante Certification Level 2, Second Edition. The original Level 2 class will not be sufficient for the topics that will be discussed in this session — the newer “Second Edition” Level 2 class has substantial, new content that must be understood to succeed in this class.

After going through Level 3, students will have a chance to see a Dante ecosystem using Dante Domain Manager. Students then will be able to connect networks together and use Dante Domain Manager to add DDM features to their own Dante Ecosystem.

Upon completion, attendees will:

• Understand the basics of Layer 3 networking commonly employed in enterprise networks and appreciate why networks are designed that way at scale.

• Be able to design, setup and maintain a Dante system in a Layer 3 environment using Dante Domain Manager.

• Gain an understanding of networking that should foster exceptionally informed conversations with IT departments, helping attendees build a better, collaborative relationship with members of that department.

• Have brought in Dante Domain Manager into their networks they built in Level 1 and Level 2 to help manage their devices. This is ideal for AV technicians who are taking on more responsibility with network management or whose Dante networks are growing to the point that it may be wise to engage some managed switch features.