Deconstructing Steely Dan: Recording Fundamentals for Your Students

In-Person Only

When putting together “The Roger Nichols Recording Method” book, Mike Lawson was able to work directly with the original transfers from analog tape to Pro Tools sessions using the late Nichols’ audio archives, giving him access to some of the finest audio recordings ever committed to tape. In his session, Mike loads songs from their album “Aja," along with Donald Fagen’s “Nightfly” allowing attendees to hear the individual tracks, groups of the parts, and their final mix as he discusses how these recordings were made, the processes, philosophy and the Nichols techniques that made them. Along the way, he will expose a couple of secrets about these recordings and technology you never knew existed. This is a must-see session if you want to know why Steely Dan sounds like Steely Dan and how you can impart some of these fundamentals to your students and their recordings. Presented by The NAMM Foundation in collaboration with TI:ME.