Brand Event

DYLAN RYCHE joins STONEBRIDGE GUITARS INTERNATIONAL for a performance at our booth, 3612. Dylan is also playing Friday at 3:30 and Saturday at 3:30 and 4:30.

Dylan has a long history with SGI; selecting a Stonebridge guitar model as his prize for winning the Canadian Guitar Festival in 2012 and being an artist for the brand ever since.


Dylan Ryche (pronounced ‘Rike’) originally hails from Melbourne, Australia. After relocating to Canada in 2008, Dylan Ryche has recorded three original solo guitar albums Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar in 2011 and 2017’s Daydreamer and Two Tigers in 2021 along with multiple singles. These releases showcase his dedication to songwriting craft and evolution as a composer.

Fingerstyleguitarists.com notably said of Ryche, “This man is a compositional genius.” 

He teaches online guitar lessons to students all over the world, is a regular columnist for guitar magazines Fingerstyle 360 and Fingerstyle Journal and has shared the stage with such virtuosic musicians as Ewan Dobson, Maneli Jamal and Calum Graham.