Harmonizing Tradition and Technology: Crafting and Launching a Musical Instrument From Blueprint to Performance

Speakers: Nick Yulman , Adam McHeffey , Michael Bierylo
In-Person & Livestream

Join this A3E session to delve into the nuanced art of blending traditional instrument craftsmanship with cutting-edge technological advancements. A panel of accomplished creators will unravel the intricate process of merging or replicating timeless instruments and sounds while introducing new musical innovations. Explore the complete developmental cycle, from the initial blueprinting stages to the meticulous application of construction techniques — culminating in the seamless integration of modern sensor technology and unparalleled acoustic precision.

The group will offer invaluable insights into the orchestration of diverse disciplines, navigating the terrain of leveraging new software, hardware and other breakthrough technologies. Discover how these elements harmonize in the creation of instruments that honor tradition yet embrace the forefront of innovation, revolutionizing the landscape of musical expression.