Brand Event

JANET NOGUERA joins STONEBRIDGE GUITARS INTERNATIONAL for a performance at our booth, 3612. Janet is also playing Friday at 12:30. 


Janet Noguera is a modern fingerstyle guitarist and composer based in the USA. Playing with an energetic approach that incorporates a variety of styles, concepts, and a wide range of techniques, Janet Noguera creates an innovative, imaginative, and unexpected soundscape with the acoustic guitar. At the age of 19, she was featured in the Acoustic Guitar Magazine, May 2014 issue, as one of the "30 Great Acoustic Guitarists under the age of 30." In the same year, she won the international Lowden Young Guitarist of the Year competition for performers and composers under 25. Noguera studied classical guitar performance at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She has been performing in exciting events such as the Women of Fingerstyle Concert in Anaheim CA., and most recently the International Guitar Night 2022 Tour. In 2022, Janet released her Debut full-length album, Myriad Worlds, and is touring with it in Europe, May-June 2023