Legacy Ukulele Ensemble

In-Person Only

The Legacy Ukulele Ensemble is a group of 12-14 players from across America and Canada who are committed to developing their music literacy and ukulele playing skills with the goal of performing and sharing their music with audiences. The group got its start in September 2016. They meet throughout the year, either on-line or in various locations across the U.S., for practice sessions that include developing and fine-tuning their repertoire and performing. The group's repertoire list of 25+ arrangements includes Hawaiian, classical, folk, rock, pop, and country pieces.

The Legacy Ukulele Ensemble is directed and led by internationally renown ukulele teacher, Peter Luongo and the group’s mandate is to model life-long learning. The members are committed to developing their music-literacy, musicianship, and vocal skills while learning to play the ukulele. Through their performances the ensemble members hope to inspire adults to embrace life-long learning as they continue to evolve as musicians and performers.