Metalheads' Bass Gear Hang with Steve DiGiorgio & Bjorn Englen

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Metalheads' Bass Gear Hang with Steve DiGiorgio & Bjorn Englen

We invite all metalheads and bass players to gather around the campfire at the EBS NAMM booth with seasoned bass players Steve DiGiorgio and Bjorn Englen to talk about bass gear in metal. 

Both are long-time EBS artists with experience from numerous tours and recording sessions with metal and hard rock royalties like Testament, Megadeth, Death, Uli Jon Roth, Yngwie Malmsteen, Quiet Riot, and more.  

The event will happen at the EBS booth (5441) on Friday, January 26, from 1 PM to 2 PM.

Note: This is not a signing event but an invitation to gather insights and tips about gear and bass playing in metal and rock music from these two artists and staff from EBS. A separate signing with Steve, Bjorn, and Marten Andersson from Lita Ford's band will happen on Saturday at 3 PM.

About the hosts:

Steve DiGiorgio, the current bass player for Testament, is an exceptional musician known for bringing the fretless bass into metal. Not only has he contributed his bass skills to the latest Testament and Megadeth albums, but left his mark on several recordings with the legendary Death too, keeping their legacy alive through touring with Death DTA. In addition to his main commitments, Steve collaborates and records with numerous other artists. His exceptional musicianship has led him to become an EBS amp & pedal artist and the release of his signature bass model by Ibanez.

Bjorn Englen, the bass player of Soul Sign and Dio Returns, is renowned for his musical prowess and versatility. He is not only a sought-after instructor at the esteemed Rock'n'Roll Fantasy Camp, but also a touring companion of guitar virtuosos Yngwie Malmsteen, Uli Jon Roth, and Tony MacAlpine, as well as the iconic metal group Quiet Riot, amongst others. Additionally, Bjorn imparts his knowledge through bass master classes/clinics at esteemed institutions like the Musicians Institute and Los Angeles College of Music. He is continuously engaged in numerous recording sessions and has performed on over 60 albums. Bjorn is a long-time EBS artist and ambassador.