MIDI In Music Education

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The MIDI Association is funding the development of a curriculum and certification program to raise awareness about MIDI at schools and for manufacturer and reseller staff members.

The MIDI In Music Education Special Interest Group is led by Dr. Lee Whitmore, Focusrite Group ‘s Vice President for Education, Americas.

Whitmore’s career most recently includes six years in Boston, Massachussets, as Berklee’s Vice President for education outreach and social entrepreneurship, and then as the inaugural executive director for the Grammy Music Education Coalition.

He joins Focusrite Group with more than 30 years of product, sales, marketing and leadership experience, including time at Avid and Sibelius, and Korg USA.

He is joined every two weeks in the MIME special interest group by a wide variety of educators and industry veterans including Jennifer Amaya from Riverside Community College, Chandler Bridges from Indiana University, Seth Cluett, from Columbia University, Paul Lerhman from Tufts University, Keith Mason from Belmont University, Issac de la Mora from SAE Mexico, Brian Smithers from Full Sail University, Michael Strickland from Florida State and many more.

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