Miguel Hernandez Project

In-Person Only

MIGUEL HERNÁNDEZ PROJECT, is the personal project of Miguel Hernández, Venezuelan drummer and percussionist, currently based in Miami – Florida, exclusive artist for 24 international brands and author of two books instructions on Afro-Venezuelan rhythms for drums; proposes a fusion based between musical genres such as Jazz, Latin, Rock, etc., with the rhythmic base of Afro-Venezuelan drum beats or percussion rhythms Venezuelan taken to the drumset.

MIGUEL HERNÁNDEZ PROJECT, represents a contemporary proposal of Venezuelan Jazz, based on showing and exhorting the new generations of Latin American music, the possibility of taking the polyrhythm of each country and giving it evolution and permanence by fusing it with universal genres such as Jazz, Rock, World Music among others.

Hildemaro Alvarez - Electric Piano
Henry Linarez - Venezuelan Cuatro
Leonardo Cardozo - Mandolin
Wuilmer Lacruz - Bass
Vladimir Quintero - Audio Engineer