Quantum Computing + Content Creation: The Next (and Possible Final Frontier) in Artistic Creativity

Speakers: J.J. Farris , A. Francis Beechinor
In-Person & Livestream

Quantum computing and its underlying principles will undoubtedly impact life as we know it. Artists, musicians, and research and development engineers in the creative industries will need to adapt and explore new possibilities as quantum computing continues to evolve. Vastly improved machine learning could lead to more sophisticated AI tools that can better understand and generate artistic or musical content, opening up new possibilities for collaboration between humans and machines.

Quantum computing will offer a new creative world where artists will be able to process and analyze massive data sets of musical or visual information more efficiently and quickly. This will be a world of new creative tools and software that utilize quantum algorithms that could assist artists and musicians in generating novel and innovative works by exploring unconventional patterns, structures, compositions and musical elements. Additionally, as quantum computing advances, it could potentially create new or break existing encryption methods, leading to a greater need for quantum encryption techniques to protect intellectual property and digital assets.