Quinton Gibson (Darius Rucker) - Road Rig Demo, Featuring Ascender Standard from Ciari Guitars

Brand Event

Quinton Gibson (lead guitarist with Darius Rucker) demonstrates the versatility of the Ascender Standard that he’s played at The Grand Ole Opry and traveled the world with for years, including a look at his mobile rig and how he records tracks from his hotel, the tour bus, and even airport lounges!

Among other uses (stage, studio) Quinton leverages his Ascender Standard for his side-gig doing TV Show Cues, such as the following that feature his Ascender:

1. RIDE, with Norman Reedus

2. NASCAR Cup Series

3. NASCAR RaceDay

4. 2023 NFL Draft

5. 2023 NFL Scouting Combine

6. First things First (w/Cris Carter and Nick wright) 

7. The Carton show 

8. El Entretiempo

As Quinton puts it “the Ascender has been vital to getting my work done on the road so I can save time when I’m in my home studio.”