SONiA Disappear Fear Performing @ SCGC Booth 5102

Brand Event

Sonia’s powerful message is truth. Her goal is peace and equity and as her band name states, Disappear Fear. The events and causes that she lends her talents to share purpose with the values of Santa Cruz Guitar Company. Our 20 years of association is manifest in the SCGC instrument that bears her name. Sonia’s Model is a performing songwriter’s platform. Based on the versatile H model, it has an attention getting presence: loud and balanced with clean definition. Sophisticated tone with note separation when rhythmically strummed makes the difference between folksy accompaniment and a dynamic presence in performance.

From a Palestinian Village in Israel to the synagogue in Freudental, Germany to the Sydney Opera House, Americana singer-songwriter SONiA disappear fear has brought her music to audiences across the globe. Having recently completed her 14th tour across Germany, she returns to America with new fans including those from Ukraine, seeking safety in Germany - and is set to begin work on her 23rd album, the aptly-titled 23, and an accompanying autobiography detailing the incredible true story of her remarkable journey as an openly-lesbian artist over the past 35 years - one whose music played a small part in America's transformation from a society of homosexual repression to one in which gay marriage is legal nations wide. SONiA's songs, as her name might suggest, disappear fear - light up the hearts of humanity.

SONiA disappear fear is a world class composer and artist. SONiA's talent of writing in a variety of genres and languages has garnered her a vast following worldwide. SONiA’s double CD LiVE at MAXiMAL was in the first round running Grammy for Folk Album of the Year. Looking at her touring schedule past and future one can trace decades of dedication to various humanitarian and animal rights' causes. Her 2019 CD By My Silence is in response to the rise of hate and anti-Semitism around the world, while her 2020 compilation Love Out Loud encourages people to embrace their identity while highlighting the ongoing push for LGBT equality. Next up is ALBUM 23 to be released the 23rd of September 2023. 


6 GLAMAs including Female Artist of the Year

GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian American Anti Defamation) Award for Best Album (previous recipient Elton John)

Coin Of Honor from a joint coalition of the United States Military for her humanitarian efforts

Spirit of Folk Music Award from Folk Alliance International

Catch SONiA at the SCGC booth Friday and Saturday only:

Fri - 1PM

Sat - 2PM