Technologies Revolutionizing the Future of the Music Business (NAMM U Breakfast Session)

In-Person & Livestream

What technologies are likely to have the greatest impact on the future of music retail and brands? How will they be implemented, and what opportunities and threats do they present? Join world-renowned retail futurist and bestselling author Doug Stephens for this NAMM U Breakfast Session as he shares insights on three key technologies shaping the future of our business. Find out what technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics and the metaverse hold for the industry and how to prepare for their inevitability. Stephens is the founder of Retail Prophet and the author of three bestselling books on the future of retail. His creativity and intellectual work have influenced the strategies of many of the world’s most recognized brands and retailers, including IKEA, L’Oréal and BMW. In this fast-paced and incisive presentation, he’ll share insights aimed at helping you not only respond to what’s coming but, even more importantly, to anticipate it!

Will not be available replay, livestream or in-person only.