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Committee Plans New Version of NAMM Standards for 2015

At this year's Summer NAMM show in Nashville, NAMM’s Ad-Hoc Technology Committee concluded another round of face-to-face meetings.   

The committee has approved a plan to revise and release a new version of NAMM Standards that will be dubbed “Version 2015.1.” It will include additional documents that support electronic serial number sales, as well as updates for improving several existing documents. 

Tech Summit

Join the NAMM Tech Committee for a fast-paced informative educational session and discussion by industry  technology leaders.   See a demonstration of NAMM Standard B2B XML processes that will benefit your organization by improving workflow efficiency while reducing cost of operations.

Topics include:

Updated Proposed 2009.2 Item Schema and Sample Document

As discussed in our meeting today:

1) The View attribute is no longer required. So [<Image view =”Undefined”>] is no longer required. You can just use this [<Image>]. Undefined is implied when the View attribute is missing.

2) I added the CarouselSequence attribute as optional. Its in the schema and the new sample file. Both attached to this post.
[<Image View='Front' Caption='Look how cool this is' CarouselSequence='1'>]

3) I am going to start beta testing with at least one trading partner this week.


Updated Shipping Codes

At the request of MaryAnne, I have added to the shipping code table found here:
Updated Shipping Codes.

I added S024 to indicate FEDEX 3-day and the similar Drop Ship code as well. Does this make sense?

NAMM Ad-hoc Technology Meets to Expand B2B Standards

At this year's NAMM Show, NAMM’s Ad-Hoc Technology Committee concluded another round of face-to-face meetings. For the past few years, experts from across all channels of the music products industry have partnered together, designing XML-based documents developed to streamline and improve electronic transactions between trading partners in the music products industry.

Document Revisions Needed

Please post here to note changes that need to be made on the next revision of the documents (after 2009.2)

Invoice Document Question

Example XML PO for Electronic Delivery


Vendor Sandbox
Accounts Payable5501 U.S. Hwy 30 WFort WayneIN


Vendor Sandbox
Accounts Payable5501 U.S. Hwy 30 WFort WayneIN


PO XML <BarCodeType> node

Over the last few weeks I ran into few problems extracting correct part numbers from PO XML 2009.2 based on value. The values are not consistent and we had to spent extra time to custom code to be able to crate PO in our system.

My first concern is that the naming convention of this node (and few others) have changed in version 2009.2. Example: BarCodeType and BarcodeType (Lower case c was replace with upper case). In general it is not a good thing to make such changes unless there is a good reason for it.

Virtual Stock Software Distribution

It seems that there is growing interest in standardizing the method of selling software licenses. Amy has brought up that issues last year and I am not sure where were left off. Here is a a link to a post-show press release that might be interesting:

Is anyone currently in the loop on this effort?