Oral History -

Jose Feliciano is one of the most recognized and loved guitarists worldwide. Jose’s unique style and approach to songwriting and guitar playing is accessible yet technically brilliant. At a very early age, Jose started playing concertina and cuatro before moving onto the guitar.

Mike Kay runs the pro audio department for Ted Brown Music in Tacoma, Washington.  Beginning in 1984, Mike brought his lifelong love of music and audio to the company, which had two locations at the time.  Not only did Mike take part in growing the audio product lines, he took part in the expansion of the company as it grew to multiple locations in and around Tacoma.  All the w

Lee Paynter outlined the rich history of the JW Pepper Publishing Company during his NAMM Oral History interview.  Lee covered the founding of the company in 1876 by James Welsh Pepper who in the early days not only printed sheet music but also made musical instruments.  In fact, Lee told the story of how it was JW Pepper who made the early "rain catcher" Sousaphone.

Dale Probst and his wife, Elizabeth Ward, formed Ward & Probst Piano & Organ Service Piano Tuning Service in Wichita Falls, Texas. They both have followed their life's dream to provide working instruments to assistant their customers to make music!  Dale has been particularly active in the Piano Technicians Guild (PTG), serving whenever and wherever he can.

Greg Golden was in the vintage guitar business back in the days when such instruments were referred to as simply “used.” Along with a handful of key dealers across the United States, Greg played a vital role in developing the vintage market by not only offering top quality instruments and setting them up for playability but also by his vast knowledge of each guitar brand and mo

Steve Gadd has a long and strong friendship with the music products industry going back to his first visit to a music store as a kid and his long career as a product endorser and NAMM guest!  However, it’s his influence as a drummer and clinician that has placed Steve as an important inspiration to thousands of musicians around the world.  His boundless encouragement

Band Instrument Repair Technicians are always working behind the scenes to save the day when instruments come in damaged and in need of some repair.  They are the ones that have all the crazy and interesting stories, like in this clip you will hear a story about how a police officer once ran over someone’s tenor sax.  They are very crafty with creating different tools to fix an

Chuck Berghofer is the answer to such trivia questions as Who played bass on Nancy Sinatra's big hit "These Boots Where Made For Walking" and Who is playing the bass lick for the TV theme song for "Barney Miller."  Chuck has been a mainstay in the Los Angeles studios since the 1960s and worked with a long list of performers and styles over his amazing career.  Chuck

Ken Dapron grew up in a very musical family.  His parents were members of the pop singing group called The Merry Macs.  Music was all around him as a child.  Ken played saxophone and drums in school and fell in love with the guitar.  He played in many bands throughout his school years with dreams of playing professionally.  In 1979, after a few years on the road traveling with

Roger Eaton recalled with a smile the day he joined the school band as a child.  His first impression and the feeling of joy has never left him, which is why he has dedicated his life to providing that same opportunity to students in everything that he does.  Roger’s first job in the industry was as an intern at Karnes Music, with Jim Kleeman.  His internship lasted over 14 yea