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Dan Miller grew up with music all around him and joined the school band the first chance he got. Dan will be the first to admit how fortunate he was to have opportunities to go to many clinics in Chicago and meet some incredible and influential musicians. One of these musicians, Bobby Shew, became not only a mentor but a lifelong friend.

Beeb Birtles developed a passion for music at a young age when his parents bought him a piano-accordion while growing up in Amsterdam. After emigrating to Australia with his family, Beeb started singing and playing bass in bands with friends from high school.

Derek Brown is best known for playing the style of music known as Beatbox Sax. This way of playing the saxophone incorporates percussive playing techniques that were developed by Derek.

Gail Muldrow is a vocalist and guitarist who grew up completely surrounded by music. Living in the Oakland area, she would often take trips into San Francisco to experience the vibrant music scene. One of her close friends while in high school was Sly Stone of Sly and the Family Stone.

Graeham Goble is a founding member, main songwriter and the architect of Little River Band’s sound. Graeham always had a deep and passionate love for songwriting! When he bought his first Banjo and was taking lessons, instead of practicing, he prepared songs he wrote to share with his teacher.

Benjamin Scheuer is a musician and songwriter who specializes in combining his passions for all style of music and musical theater to express himself. He began songwriting at a young age and realized early on that it was what he wanted to do with his life.

Leo Lyons became a professional musician early on in his life while playing with bands in London, England. He gravitated to the skiffle genre, playing first the banjo and then the guitar, but then took up the bass and joined the group The Jaybirds with guitarist Alvin Lee. The Jaybirds later changed their name to Ten Years After and put out their debut record on Deram Records.

Larry Wexer was the first member of his family to be born in America and was always encouraged to learn music by his grandparents. After growing up during the folk movement in New York, he obtained a master’s degree in ethnomusicology from Indiana University. A music store that he frequented, The Mandolin Brothers, offered him a job in 1988.

Fred Zeagler was always in band growing up and aspired to be the greatest Band Director of all time. He comes from a very musical family and grew up with his brother Grayson in the music store his parents opened in 1968. After studying to become a Band Director in college, Fred realized what he really wanted to do was to work at the store.

Al Smith discovered the harmonica when he was just three years old and hasn’t been without one since he got his first a few years later. He played with others in his neighborhood while growing up, and soon learned of multiple keys – which led him to acquiring a good number of harmonicas!