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Joe Carducci remembers with a smile sitting in front of his parents black and white television set on a Sunday evening in February when he watched the Beatles storm America on the Ed Sullivan Show.  He recalls falling in love with the guitar George Harrison was playing and even combing his hair down in front of his eyes before school the next morning.  Joe has been involved wit

Bill Causey has a long history of music in his family.  His father was a band director and both his father’s brother and sister were fine musicians.  Bill has great memories of the family dinners being followed by sing along and music making!  While earning his music education degree, he worked for the local newspaper, a job he continued at night after college when he would tea

Giorgio Giannini proudly recalled the beginning of his family’s involvement in the music industry as part of his interview for the NAMM Oral History collection.  Mr. Tranquillo Giannini was a well-respected luthier in Italy who had the vision to set up his work shop in South America.  In 1900, he established a small factory to produce musical instruments in Brazil, and Mr.

Little Freddie King has become a mainstay within the New Orleans music scene.  His energetic performances, often with high kicks, always feature his main instrument, the Gibson Flying V!  Freddie is so much a part of the blues in New Orleans that he was inducted into the state’s Music Hall of Fame.  He has also played at the New Orleans Blues & Heritage Festival every year

Ted Kornblum has a long legacy in the music industry. His grandfather started St. Louis Street Music and his father started Crate amplifiers and Alvarez guitars. Not content to rest on his laurels, Ted gained experience working both inside and outside his family’s music business before starting on his “B”plan.

Jerry Portman learned so much from his father and his grandfather about how to treat customers.  Those lessons became key as Jerry set out to not only take over the family’s music store, but to expand it over the years.  The small shop, which his father, Ben Portman, began in 1936, became the foundation for Portman’s Music Superstores.  Ben began selling guitars, accessories an

Jaime Valle started out playing top 40 hits, but before long grew tired and was looking for something new when he happened upon jazz. It was a match made in heaven. After studying with Howard Roberts among others, Jaime went on to forge a top flight repertoire leading to multiple San Diego music awards in both straight ahead and Latin jazz.

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Yoshiharu Abe is known as the father of personal multi-track recording in the audio engineering field.  He was one of the five founders of TEAC in 1957 and went on to become one of the company’s most important product designers.  Abe-son designed several landmark products over his long career including the 80-8 and the Portastudio series.  He later worked for Fostex and was a key player in the teams that created the B-13 and X-15.  Beginning in 1948 he also began writing extensively

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