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Ned Steinberger is known around the world for his innovative instrument designs. His guitars and basses created without the traditional headstock gained wide popularity in the 1980s rock era and have come to be known simply as Steinbergers.

Georg Steinmeyer was the factory supervisor at the Estey Organ Company in Brattleboro, Vermont. He joined the company in the years following World War II when he moved from Germany to the United States. He worked to streamline the product costs within the company while ensuring the orders were completed by the crew on time.

These are the full length NAMM Oral History interviews with Henry Z. Steinway. For his biography and web clip, please follow the link: https://www.namm.org/library/oral-history/henry-z-steinway

Henry Z. Steinway was quite articulate when speaking about the incredible history of the Steinway and Sons Piano Company. One could say that he lived all elements of being a Steinway as the former president of the Steinway Company. His love for music led to the creation of the board of the NAMM Foundation’s Museum of Making Music, for which Henry was the first president. His passion for music went beyond that of the company. As he once said, “You don’t have to play the piano, but do play an instrument.” His inspiration and example will be felt for many decades to come.

Jim Stella began playing the trumpet in the fourth grade and continued to play throughout college and went to instrument repair school right after school before landing a job in manufacturing.  He began working for LeBlanc in the Martin Band Instrument factory and soon thereafter became plant supervisor.  Jim helped create and design instruments with Larry Ramirez for legendary

Cal Stelly began working for Remo Inc right after serving in the US Military.  When Cal began working for the company, Remo Inc had only been around 7 years.  Cal was able to watch the company expand over the years and played a role in its growth.  He worked in several departments and supervised a few before becoming a buyer.  It’s a position he enjoys and has brought to the po

Stefan Stenzel has been a passionate music maker since he was a child. When he had the chance to combine his love of music with his technical skills, to begin working for Waldorf Electronics, he was thrilled. The first project Stefan worked on was the now famous Wave synthesizer, which was released in the early 1990s.

Jody Stephens, along with three of his friends, formed the influential rock band Big Star and went on to recording several albums with the band. The band cut their early demos and all of their studio recordings at Ardent Studios in Memphis. The studio's founder, John Fry, took a liking to Jody and soon let the then teenager in on weekends to get familiar with the studio setting

Stephen Stern was born a wood craftsman. In fact, growing up his two passions became building furniture and playing the guitar. When he had an opportunity to put both together in the early 1980s, he jumped at the chance and went to work for Charvel Guitars. After returning to cabinet making he saw an ad for a job at the newly created custom guitar division at Fender and applied for the job. John Page hired him back in 1993 and gave Stephen the task of over-seeing the building of the D’Aquisto arch top guitars at Fender.

Tom Steuckert is a veteran of the music industry having served as store manager at Union Grove Music in Santa Cruz, a road rep and sales manager.  His career began when he helped assemble synthesizers for Dave Smith at Sequential Circuits in the early 1980s.  Tom later owned his own store in Half Moon Bay before going to work for Richard Gellis at Union Grove Music.