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Bill Szymczyk built a small crystal radio set as a kid and soon discovered a world of music and sound that would forever change his life. As a recording engineer and producer, Bill developed a style and approach to recordings that put the artist in the driver’s seat to play a supportive role in the creative process. 

Poul Marno Sørensen inherited Marno Sørensen Music store from his father located for many years in the heart of Copenhagen. Poul remembers how his father worked as a musician in a circus before he settled to open the shop in 1925. Many important jazz musicians were customers here such as Archie Shepp and Dexter Gordon.

This is the full length NAMM Oral History interview with Tetsuya Takagi, which was captured on October 19, 2010. For his biography and web clip, please follow the link: https://www.namm.org/library/oral-history/tetsuya-takagi

Tetsuya Takagi served as Executive Vice President of Yamaha International Corporation (currently Yamaha Corporation of America) and worked for Yamaha Corporation in Japan holding several important positions during his long and successful career.  Mr. Takagi received scholarship from Yamaha while in college and went to work there after graduating from the college in 1960.

Andy Talamantez fronts The Andy T-Nick Nixon Band out of Nashville. Andy’s guitar playing style is heavily influenced by T-Bone Walker and B.B. King, but at the same time, is something totally new and creative. He worked in the aerospace industry for twenty-three years before quitting his day job to pursue music completely.

This is the full length NAMM Oral History interview with Don Talbot, which was captured on November 9, 2005. For his biography and web-clip, please follow this link: https://www.namm.org/library/oral-history/don-talbot

Don Talbot recalls working with his father at Coast Wholesalers when he was school age, sweeping up and working in the warehouse. Don’s father was one of the three owners and years later, after college, Don returned to become sales manager. When the company was bought out by Kaman, Don continued working with the company until his retirement in 2005.

Robert Tall is among the most successful and popular organ salesmen in the music industry –historically and presently. He earned his masters and doctorate in music performance and began working in the music industry as salesman for a Southern California retailer in the late 1960s. Over his career, Dr.

Vijay Talwar’s father sold wood in India, and when Vijay began working for his father as a teenager they noticed an increase in the amount of wood being sold to make musical instruments. After researching the desired woods and cuts, Vijay and other vendors took part in the development of the violin parts industry within India.

Mehmet Tamdeger’s mentor was Mikkail Zilcan, who taught him everything the master craftsmen knew about cymbal making. Mehmet was born in the same small village outside Istanbul, Turkey where cymbal making is thought to have been developed in 1623. Zilcan taught Mehmet’s best childhood friend, Agop Tomarcuk, the same trade. After Mr.