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Eric Strouse's NAMM Oral History interview had several special moments, such as his reflection on the mentorship his father provided him during his own career running the family sheet music store.  Yet, one meaningful element of the interview was that it took place just hours before Eric received RPMDA's highest honor, the Dorothy Award, unbeknownst to Eric or the interviewer.

Jim Strouse is the president of Stranton’s Sheet Music in Columbus, Ohio, and a founding member of the Retail Print Music Dealers Association (RPMDA). Over the years the organization has provided unique presentations and classes to help expand the print music industry as well as providing a setting to allow both retailer and publisher to gather together and discuss the business.

Marty Stuart grew up in the small town of Philadelphia, Mississippi surrounded by country music, which he taught himself to play on a family guitar when he was 12 years old. Marty soon learned the mandolin and began writing songs for local dances and school events. During his NAMM interview he spoke about the importance of having access to a local music store to purchase string

Dave Stuber was just out of high school in 1968 when he was hired to work as a technician in the tape recorder production of Crown International. The Elkhart, Indiana based audio company continued to pay Dave and even gave him raises when he was drafted to serve in the army during the Vietnam War. After the army, he returned to Crown where he worked mostly as Facilities Manager

Norbert Stumpf was elected the mayor of Bubenreuth in 2014 and actively promotes the legacy of his town as an important center for stringed instrument production. At the end of World War II, hundreds of families involved in the production of stringed instruments settled in Bubenreuth.

Al Sturchio has served the Texas Bandmasters Association for over 25 years as director and also as president. His passion and unbelievable energy has been a large part of the success of the association’s annual meeting and exhibit fair. The yearly program includes sessions and clinics as well as an award program.

George Sturm was asked by the Music Library Association (MLA) to author an essay regarding the music publishing industry in America for the association’s journal. To do so, Mr. Sturm used his vast experience working in the industry of concert and composer relations for many publishers and as a publisher himself.

Kent Stutzman was hired by Gemeinhart in the 1970s and has remained with the flute builder for over 35 years!  During his career, Kent has worked in several positions on the line as well as in buffing and final assembly.  Among the things he is most proud of is the craftsmanship of his job and the people he has worked with over the years.

John Styll formed the Contemporary Christian Music magazine in 1978 as the leading voice in the new era of church music was being established. After selling the publication 20 years later, he became president of the Gospel Music Association (GMA) where he played an important role in the growth and development of “music that conveys the gospel.”

Morton Subotnick composed one of the earliest and most important works of electronic music. When his album “Silver Apples of the Moon” was released in the late 1960s, it represented an entirely new era of composition. Years before the recording, he hired inventor and engineer Don Buchla to create a musical synthesizer, which preceded the Moog synthesizer by a few years.