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Hargus “Pig” Robbins became a member of the Nashville studio group of musicians known as the A Team. As a gifted piano player Pig gained the attention of producers such as Owen Bradley and Chet Atkins who repeatedly used him to back singers and performers for countless hit recordings. While interviewing Pig it was clear that it might be easier to list the recording artists he did NOT work with either on stage or in the studio.

Horst Mucha is one of the most recognizable faces within the music products industry. As a past president of Hohner and a pioneer in the expansion of the company’s product line, Horst has truly become a legend in the industry.

Lloyd McCausland has worked with Remo Belli ever since the famed Hollywood drummer began creating his own line of synthetic drumheads in the late 1950s. Lloyd has become a fixture at the company and is known to dealers and musicians alike. As vice president, Lloyd has played a large role in the marketing of the product line as well as improving on the manufacturing process.

Max Mathews was working as an engineer at the famed Bell Laboratory in 1954 when he was asked to determine if the computer Bell was designing could create music. The landmark Music 2 and later Music 4 projects put the two concepts together as early as 1957-–the computer and music had a future and Max was there for the birth.

Jimmy Martin came to the door the day of his interview in nothing but his boxers. He exclaimed, “Was that today!? Well, come on in, let me go get my teeth” and so started one of the most entertaining interviews of our collection.

John Majeski Jr. was appropriately given the AMC Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005 for a long career as editor of the Music Trades Magazine. During John’s era, the Beatles came to America and forever changed the industry. John wrote of the growth of the accordion in the 1950s and the home organ in the 1960s.

Claudia Keith and her husband, Joe, are, together, one of the legendary couples of the print music business in the United States. As owners of the Music Mart in Albuquerque, NM, the Keiths have been partners in marriage and business, and pioneers in the Retail Print Music Dealers Association (RPMDA).

Del Casher has an impressive scrapbook full of photographs from his career as a professional guitarist and inventor of music products, such as the early guitar effects called the Echo-Phonic. Among those photos is one of Del testing the Roland mini guitar and even one of Del performing alongside Elvis Presley from the movie Roustabout.

Bob Benedetto is a guitar luthier’s luthier! Respected around the world, Bob has achieved what few have in guitar craftsmanship: a unique style and sound, creative and classic design, and tooling that is second to none. His knowledge of guitar building was evident in our interview with Bob along with his genuine respect for his contemporaries.

Jim Beloff and his wife, Liz, formed Flea Market Music to promote all things ukulele, and together they have played a big part in the resurgence of the instrument.