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John Suhr began formulating ideas of designing and modifying the electric guitar while working as a repairman at Rudy's Guitar Shop in New York City.  After sharpening his skills as a master builder in Fender's Custom Shop in California, John established JS Technologies Inc. to produce his own line of guitars and amps.

Peter Sullivan grew up in a musical home with both his mother and father playing piano. Peter played piano, ukulele, as well as double bass as a youngster and became passionate about playing and teaching music. He developed into a well-respected studio musician and landed the job of Music Director for TV Channel 9 in Melbourne. In recent years, he has focused on teaching music,

Maurice Summerfield wore many hats within the music industry as wholesaler, retailer, exporter, historian, author, publisher and mentor to a new generation of industry leaders. His family sold toys in the late 1800s. By the time Maurice joined the company, he added to the product line his own passion, the guitar.

Scott Summerhays is the president of the store his parents established in Salt Lake City back in 1936.  His brother Briant ran the store for many years after their parents retired and continues to work with Scott as they grow the business.  Scott has been a key player within NASMD and other industry associations such as NAMM over the years.  His role as president of NASMD was v

Briant Summerhays has been a part of the music industry his entire life. His mother and father opened a music store in Utah in the days following World War II. Earlier, his father, Hy, had been a bandleader and violin player. Briant went to college to study accounting and soon was involved with several businesses.

Colleen Summerhays recalled the day in 1940 when she walked into a local music store to inquire about a clerical position. She met the owner, her future husband, Hy Summerhays, who had opened the retail shop just four years earlier. The young couple got married and worked together during the difficult years after World War II when instruments such as piano were very difficult to obtain.

Tom Sumner grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area where he not only played guitar in local bands but also worked in area music stores. While attending college Tom worked in music retail as well as in the general retail segment.

Gary Sunda began building guitar amplifiers under the name Sunda in the 1960s before he was hired by Don Randall to create a new line of amplifiers, Randall Amps. Gary began designing products for the Randall Company in 1970 and stayed until just after Don sold the company in 1990.

Conrad Sundholm is the founder of Sunn Amplifiers and Biamp Systems, which revolutionized the music industry with several key design innovations, designs, and products.

Norm Sundholm was playing bass for the rock band The Kingsmen when he had a few ideas to improve his amplifier. As the band rose to fame, thanks to the recording of “Louie Louie,” Norm and his brother, Conrad, formed Sunn Amplifiers.