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Horst Teller was the son of Oskar Teller, who formed a small workshop in 1929 in Schonbach to make musical instruments. After World War II, the company was rebuilt in Bubenreuth in 1949 and soon Oskar was joined in his shop by his son Horst.

Wolfgang Teller joined the family musical instrument making business in 1980. His grandfather, Oskar, formed a small shop in 1928 and his father, Horst, joined him in 1949. When Wolfgang finished his apprenticeship it was decided to move the workshop from Bubenrueth, Germany to close by Neukirchen and the shop name was changed to Wolfgang Teller Gitarren & Zithern Company.

Artur Teller created a successful career by producing highly regarded violin bridges and supplying them to luthiers in and around his hometown of Bubenreuth, Germany. Like many of the instrument builders he sold to, Artur and his family moved to Bubenreuth after World War II as the small town sought to bring luthiers to the area in order to help redevelop the town following the war. Artur expanded his business over time by selling his products outside of the area and soon around the world.

Jack Tempchin remembers buying his first harmonica at Ozzie’s Music in San Diego at the height of Bob Dylan’s influence as a performer and songwriter. Along with other influences, Jack found himself writing his own songs, including several that have become standards in popular music during the 1970s and 80s.

Cynthia Templeton has worked for one and only one company in the music industry.  She was hired by Selmer in Elkhart, Indiana in the early 1970s and remained with the company for her entire career.  She remained with the company when it merged with Conn in 2003 and has supported the company in a variety of positions over the years.  When asked what she has enjoyed most, Cynthia

Chuck Tennin began his career as a recording engineer's assistant, which led to his own engineering gigs beginning in the 1960s.  Along the way, Chuck learned firsthand the importance of a good song and in encouraging and protecting songwriters and their craft.  As a result, Chuck formed the music publishing company Big Fish Music in 1974.

Clark Terry enjoyed a long and celebrated career as a trumpeter playing with nearly ever iconic jazz musician of the twentieth century. His tone and style of playing was an influence on school children and professionals alike and his friendly and warm personality made him one of the most-liked, sought-after musicians in the world.

Mark Terry always dreamed of being a recording engineer, even as a kid when he first discovered his love of music and technology. In time he would become just that, but along the way he discovered a deeper passion for rep work and in providing studios and performers with the gear they wanted and needed.

Bogdan Tesla is related to the physicist Nikola Tesla, who was born in the village of Smiljan, Austrian Empire (today that area is part of Croatia). Bogdan was in the military, but found that during the civil war he was being asked to fight against his own family. He left the service and established Tesla Tonewood Serbia to provide the best Woods for musical instruments.

Marinko Tesla expressed a deep sense of pride in the fact that he works alongside his father, Bogdan, who established Tesla Tonewood Serbia in 1991. The father-son team work long and hard to produce the highest level of quality as well as strong customer support to the luthiers and instrument makers who purchase wood from them.