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Peter Trojkovic was the sound engineer for the band his two brothers, Luke and Drago, formed in the 1970s. Peter soon expanded his duties to managing and securing the audio gear needed for live performances. Those tasks soon led to renting gear to other musicians and thus a Live Sound rental company was formed.

Agness Tsao earned her college degree in banking and always had a love of music, singing in choirs from a young age. After college she began working for KHS Musical Instruments, which had a retail store in Taiwan and its manufacturing in the country as well. Agness was only the fourth employee to join KHS’s new division for international sales.

Gerry Tschetter found his passion for music and technology when he was young. He began his career at the rock-n-roll music shop, Steam Music, in Topeka, Kansas. Later, Tschetter worked with Yamaha for 18 years as Project Manager for their Pro Audio and Consumer Electronics departments.

Arnold Tubis has always been interested in the mathematics of music. After receiving his PhD in phyisics at MIT, Arnold began teaching courses on how music relates to science. When he retired, he and his wife moved to Carlsbad where he became a volunteer at the Museum of Making Music.

Orrin Tucker’s Orchestra recorded one of the greatest successes of the big band era, “Oh Johnny Oh.” This novelty number featured the shy voice of Wee Bonnie Baker and has come to symbolize the musical era and the social climate of America during the late 1930s and early 1940s.

John Tumpak is the author and music historian who has focused most of his writings on the golden age of swing during the Big Band Era of the 1930-40s.  As a result, John has interviewed and written about many of the big names during that time as well as documenting some of the lesser known musicians, arrangers, singers and leaders.  In 2008, Marquette University Press published

Bert Turetzky likes telling stories in his playing. He likes to make his listeners think about new ideas and in doing so he often creates a way for people to feel something they may not have felt without his music. When Burt plays his bass your soul needs to listen. As a teacher and educator, Burt has few equals.

Chuck Turk has been active in the music industry in both manufacturing and in retailing. In fact his experiences have included working with small independent retailers as well as large chain stores. Chuck worked for several suppliers such as Gibson and First Act before joining the team at Armadillo in Tampa where he currently focuses on DDrums.

Archie “Hubby” Turner served in the US Army during the Vietnam War and always felt the experience taught him, among other things, to appreciate the opportunity you have to add beauty and music to the world.  Archie has done just that as a session player in Memphis, including at Hi Records.  His impressive career as a pianist, keyboardist and composer has included working with A

Ike Turner was well known for his role in the life of Tina Turner and as the guitarist and arranger of her early career. However, during our interview with him, Ike took the time to discuss the early part of his own music career beginning with the first rock and roll song “Rocket 88” for which Ike played the great piano boogie-jump style that defined the early days of rock.