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David Tarpley remembered crawling around in the ceiling of his current church as a child, hauling the wires for the Allen Organ his father and uncle were installing. As a member of the Tarpley family, you worked in the family business, which for David meant sweeping the music store, moving pianos and installing organs in area churches.

Bill Tarpley remembered the stories his father used to tell him about the early days of the family music retail store in west Texas. Times were hard during the era of the dust bowls and depression, but he credits his father’s skills as both a businessman and salesman in the success of the store.

Buzz Tarpley grew up in the music business. His grandmother was selling pianos as early as 1917 in West Texas. The Tarpley family officially opened a music store in 1927 in Pampa, Texas. Buzz recalled growing up in the late 1930s and 40s and the many radio sets his father would sell.

This audio only interview was conducted for a radio program by Dan Del Fiorentino and donated to the NAMM Oral History program: Grady Tate was a prolific jazz drummer who laid the beat for such performers as Ella Fitzgerald, Lionel Hampton, Quincy Jones, Count Basie, and Ray Charles.

This audio only interview was conducted for a radio program by Dan Del Fiorentino and donated to the NAMM Oral History program: Buddy Tate was a leading saxophonist during the Big Band Era. Buddy played with such celebrated jazz bands as Andy Kirk, Count Basie, and Lionel Hampton.

Keith Taylor strongly believes that every recording engineer should have a foundation in music. Understanding the elements and structure of music has proven to be key to his success as an engineer and studio owner. It does not hurt that Keith also has been formally trained as an electrical engineer. Yet, it’s his background in music that he feels attributes to his understanding

This is the full length NAMM Oral History interview with Bryce Taylor, which was captured on July 22, 2006. For his biography and web-clip, please follow the link: https://www.namm.org/library/oral-historybryce-taylor

Tess Taylor is the president of the National Association of Record Industry Professionals (NARIP), which is one of the largest music business networks in the world.  Tess formed the association in 1998 to bring the industry together and to serve educational and professional needs around the world.  Her advocacy work within the recording industry has been critical in the growth

Bob Taylor enrolled in wood shop while a student in high school and made a guitar for his final grade. The idea of making his own guitars came easy to Bob and he set out to create his own style of guitars. Many of his friends told him he could not compete with long standing companies, but Bob focused on what he wanted to build and he built it.

Otis Taylor can remember saving long and hard to purchase his first banjo from a small store in Denver, Colorado as a child.  The instrument led him on a career path of playing blues and roots music that has supported him most of his life.  He picked up the guitar and harmonica and toured the United States and Europe before trying his hand as an antique dealer.  He returned to