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Randy Wood is the president of The Music Shoppe in Normal, Illinois.

Douglas Woodfull-Harris started his career as a studio musician in San Francisco. During his studies of classical composition and musicology in Los Angeles he met his wife Petra. They both moved to Germany and soon after Douglas started working at Bärenreiter as editor.

Petra Woodfull-Harris recalls taking lessons on the recorder at the age of six, followed by the piano three years later.  She enjoyed the idea of improving her skills and of expressing herself through music, which is a driving force in her passion today.  As the sales and marketing manager for Barenreiter, the German music publisher, Petra connects music materials to teachers a

Dave Woodruff began working for King Band Instruments right out of college.  He began in the personnel department and Human Resources before becoming involved with the production of the instruments.  As a King musician himself, Dave has always been very proud of his role with the company and the many dedicated and passionate employees he has worked with over the years.

Roy Wooten fully understands the meaning and need for strong music educational programs in the schools.  His passion for music and his successful career as a performer have given him the opportunity to support the arts, which he does in a compassionate and compelling way, from his heart.  At the end of the day it is each of us responsible for the education of our children.

Victor Wooten has become an active music advocate and spokesperson for the importance of music education in public schools.  As a result, Victor has become a regular NAMM Show attendee.  He created an initiative for 10 "natural" training camps around the country including one called "Wooten Woods". Victor's career as a bass player began as a child, being raised in a very musica

Bernie Worrell began playing classical music as a small child and it soon led to his life-long passion for music! He met George Clinton, who at the time was leading a Doo-Wop group called The Parliaments. As Bernie experimented with electronic keyboards and synthesizers he teamed with George to pen several songs.

Lee Worsley and Paul Hagen represent the modern distribution era with their music wholesale business in the United Kingdom—a business formed after the advent of computer technology and the Internet. Active Music Distribution began in 1999 with a strong focus on the percussion market. Lee had worked for Premier Percussion in the UK, where he first met Paul.

John Worthington began as an engineer in the early days of the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI), and, in fact, helped program the MIDI time code. John also worked at Apple Computers during the company’s early involvement in computer music.

Bob Wray remembers the day he was sitting in the Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama when Clarence Carter outlined the next song he was ready to cut.  Bob was to play guitar on the song, which was “Patches.”  The song was the biggest in Mr.