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This audio only interview was conducted for a radio program by Dan Del Fiorentino and donated to the NAMM Oral History program: Martha Tilton was a famous singer during the Big Band Era best known for her vocals on the Benny Goodman hit record "And The Angels Sing." Known as The Liltin' Martha Tilton, she dropped out of high school to join a traveling big band.

Fred Tinker and Rodgers Jenkins formed the Rodger Instrument Company.  The partnership began when their church asked if they would join the team to help purchase an organ.  Fred and Rodgers thought they could build one instead. Over the years the company introduced many innovative products, including being the first to use transistors in a musical instrument.

Roberto Tirado began working in the music industry with William Lewis & Son, the famed violin company out of Chicago.  After studying building and repairs he was given the opportunity to head the string instrument line for Gemeinhardt in Elkhart, Indiana.  For years Roberto has worked to improve the Artisan String lines for Gemeinhardt both in quality of sound and playabili

Jerry Tishkoff and his brother Eddie owned the famous Hollywood Piano Company and Hollywood Piano Rental Company located in Southern California. The stores gained fame for providing instruments for the movies going as far back as “The Music Box” in 1932 starring Laurel and Hardy.

Eddie Tishkoff and his brother Jerry owned the famous Hollywood Piano Company and Hollywood Piano Rental Company located in Southern California, one of the busiest piano rental outfits in the industry thanks to the nearby movie studios.

Ken Tobias loved repairing guitars for himself and his friends and was able to turn it into a business in the early 1970s when he opened Tobias Guitars in Downers Grove, Illinois. One of his first lines was Martin Guitars and with the help of his son, Paul, several years later the store became the top selling Taylor dealer in the state.

Michael Tobias is well known as a gifted and knowledgeable guitar luthier. The Tobias bass, now made by Gibson, has often been praised for its playability and unique sound. Mike is also among the country’s leading authorities on American guitars, having been a guitar repairman since he was 23 years old. His NAMM Oral History interview was completed on July 23, 2005.

Paul Tobias is the son of the founder of Tobias Guitars, which is located in Downers Grove, Illinois and specializes in handcrafted acoustic guitars such as those made by Taylor, Martin and Santa Cruz. Paul took over as president when his father retired but his father has not gone far from the store. In fact Ken Tobias can be seen in the store nearly as often as his son.

Lol Tolhurst formed a rock band with some friends in high school that went on to revitalize and define music in the 1980s. The Cure enjoyed wide success with millions of albums sold, live performances around the world, and was among the first acts to chart hit records before alternative rock became mainstream.

Isao Tomita was the world-renowned composer of electronic music who famously used the Moog synthesizers to create award winning music that influenced a generation of music makers!  Among his most incredible contributions to music was his use of multitrack recordings to create polyphonic synthesizers sounds before a polyphonic synth was created!